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31 March 2014 (Monday)
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13th March 2014
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Nan Yang
6th March 2014
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A Discussion on Psychologist Perspective by Caregiver

Date : 31 December 2013
Time : 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Venue : Room B103, Pantai Cancer Institute

Exclusively for Pantai Cancer Institute Patients & Caregivers

The Star2
6th December 2013
Dr Christina Ng

[26 Jan 2012]
I just had a Surgery on 4/1/12 to remove a lump from my breast, which was diagnosed as Stage 2 (25mm) low grade with no spread to the nodes. Further tests showed it's ER+/PR+ (3). I have changed my lifestyle and diet drastically, but am thinking of not taking Tamoxifen or having Radiotherapy as suggested by the surgeon. Do you think that's advisable? I also have a large fibroid but it doesnt cause me any problems. Can I leave it?
From your description of the tumor characteristics, it is likely that chemotherapy may not be necessary. However, other clinical parameters must be taken into consideration. My advise is that you should see your oncologist for further discussion. Radiotherapy to the conserved breast is necessary as you did not have the whole breast removed. As the cancer is ER/PR positive, tamoxifen or other forms of hormonal blockage is very important and effective in the prevention of further recurrence. Lifestyle and diet is important as well but can never substitute the necessary medical therapy.